Interest Groups


RFA members have a wide variety of interests (see the numbers in the left column on the “members area” page).   When a core group of people having a particular interest is formed it will be listed on this page.

At the time of this writing the RFA Book Club is meeting monthly at 11:30AM on the first Wednesday of each month.  Typically between 7 and 10 of us get together at a rotating host’s house and share potluck dishes and then discuss the book for that month.  We do both fiction and nonfiction, and all selections are made democratically.  Two recent selections are “The Wright Brothers,” by David McCullogh,  and “Life After Life,” by Kate Atkinson.  New members are welcome, especially if you are able to be an occasional host.  If you wish to join the book club please contact Lene Palmer —  These are the books for the remaining spring 2016 meetings:

April 6: “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” by Oliver Sacks, May 4, Dead Presidents: An American Adventure into the strange deaths and surprising afterlives of our nation’s leaders, by Brady Carlson, and June 1, The Story of the Human Body, by Daniel E. Lieberman.

Although there is no RFA walking group, there is a walking event every Wednesday on the Mason campus. It’s called “Walking Wednesday.”  Every Wednesday, at 12 noon, people meet in front of Merten Hall (formerly University Hall) in the small circle area near the road.  Generally, the group walks around Patriot Circle (1.7 miles) and it takes about a half hour. The group size varies from week to week. Generally, it averages about 4 – 5 people.   Anyone is welcome to join the walk.  Here’s the link to the sign up for leading the walk. Take a look to see who has volunteered in the past (Provost – Dr. Wu, Senior Vice President – J.J. Davis, etc.).

 Creating a new interest group takes a bit of initiative on the part of someone with that interest.  Here is how it works.  In order to identify everyone interested in say a “hiking group” for example you just follow these steps:  Log in at the members area page, then select “view all members”, then change the entry “all activities” to “walking group,” and you will see the names & emails of everyone interested in being part of such a group.  You could then select “copy emails” & simply copy & paste the people listed in the box into an email in which you could ask  them when would be a good time to get together to go for a hike.