May 11, 2016 – Officers Meeting and Event

George Mason University

Minutes of the Retired Faculty Association – Officers Meeting and May event

May 11, 2016, 10:15-10:40 AM mtg. 10:45-11:30 AM Presentation followed by lunch/social time at

 Aa’bee Persian & Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant, Fairfax, VA


Present:  Don Boileau, Esther Elstun, Joseph Lieb, Julianne Mahler, Jim Sanford, Janice Sutera, Veronique Klimonda (HR Liaison)

I.     The meeting began at 10:15 AM. Jim Sanford presided as newly elected President in Bob Ehrlich’s absence.

II.   Mason Retirement Seminar – report (Janice Sutera)

  • 15-minute announcement/overview of RFA to approximately 30 faculty and staff attendees including a “show and tell” of the RFA website. Brief discussion ensued.
  • Handouts and Links: Janice shared handouts/info (e.g., Social security, Medicare, Senior citizen tuition waiver info, OLLI summer catalog) provided by HR and the speakers at the Mason HR-sponsored event “Next Steps: Plan for your Retirement.”
  • Action: Janice will update RFA website with relevant info and links, e.g., Senior Citizen Waiver program.
  • Future RFA Discussion Topics:
    • Lori Roth, HR Director of Training & OD, shared info with Janice about an ACE Working Group on Forming Retiree Associations and provided a contact for follow up.
    • Dave Ryan, Outreach Chair, OLLI requested RFA contact him


 III. Website Maintenance (Janice S.)

  • Action: Janice will update website with latest info on events and minutes for April and May by end of May 2016.
  • Future RFA discussion: identify a webmaster.


IV. Programming (Julie Mahler)

  • Spring 2016 Event attendance:
    1.   May 11 event: Jack Censer, Professor Emeritus of History, The evolution of revolutionary ideas. His new book, Debating Modern Revolution, was presented and discussed. Attendance = 16
    2.   April 13 event: David Keegan, State Department Foreign Service Institute, The Chinese economy: Opportunities and challenges.
    3.   March 9 event: Rebecca Goldin, Professor, Mathematics, Statistical slips in the media: How numbers make the news. Attendance = 16
    4.   February 10 event: Lecture by Michael Summers, professor of Physics, The ‘New Horizons’ mission to Pluto: What have we learned? See link:  Attendance = 10
    5.   January 13 event: S. Botanic Garden (next to U.S. Capitol.) Guided tour lasting about an hour.  Lunch afterwards for 9 folks at the American Indian Museum. Attendance = 9 
  • Upcoming events were not confirmed: See website for any updates:
    • June 2016 – planning a night sky viewing. Will be held 30 minutes on Rt. 66W from Mason.  Details to follow as they unfold.
  • 2016-17 Event Plans:
    • Sept 2016 – Chris Jones – Potomac tour – repeat of a popular outing
    • Oct 2016 – Tour of Gunston Hall
    • Nov 9, 2016 – Tom Davis, current BOV Rector, former Congressman – his ‘take’ on the 2016 election results
    • Dec 2016 – Tour of Luray Caverns with Doug Mose
    • A tour of Mason’s Rooftop Greenhouse was suggested and will be pursued as an event


V.   2015-17 Executive Committee Meetings

  • ACTION: No meeting June 2016.
  • Meeting space for next year’s Officer’s meetings and events will be reserved in Fairfax County Libraries, preferably Fairfax City branch or Oakton branch.
  • Executive Committee Meetings precede monthly programs/events.

 VI.  Adjournment: About 10:40 AM


Respectfully submitted,

Janice Sutera Wolfe, Ph.D.

2012 Retiree