September 15, 2016 – Officers Meeting and event

George Mason University

Minutes of the Retired Faculty Association – Officers Meeting and Sept event

September 15, 2016, 12:50 PM – 1:40 PM mtg.

Presentation/tour and lunch preceded meeting at Gunston Hall, Lorton, VA


Present:  Bob Ehrlich, Joseph Lieb, Jim Sanford, Janice Sutera

I.  The meeting began at 12:50 PM. Jim Sanford, new president, presided.

II. Programming/Events (Bob Ehrlich)

A. Upcoming events: See website for updates:

Action: Update top page – “About” on website to be in sync with featured events page (Bob)

 B. Locations for programs: Oakton and Fairfax City libraries were explored. Oakton opens later than our programs and Fairfax City was already booked.  Bob reserved 242 Planetary Hall for the Nov. 2016 program.

 C. Fall 2016 Event attendance:

  • Sept 14 – Tour of Gunston Hall– with docent and Mason retiree, Libby Hall. Attendance = 16 for tour and box lunch

D. 2016-17 Event Plans:

  1. Oct 12, 10:30 AM – Guided boat tour of the river ecology starts at Pohick Bay Regional Park Boat Launch area. Measuring Potomac River water quality, the tour is led by Chris Jones, Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, and Director of the Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center.  RSVPs will be collected by Janice.  8 max at a time on the water. Planning for two trips… say 10 AM-12 PM for first group, then 12-1 PM for lunch, then 1-3 PM for the second group.
  2. Nov 10, 10:30 AM, 242 Planetary Hall, Mason campus. Talk by Tom Davis, current BOV Rector, former Congressman – his ‘take’ on the 2016 election results
  3. Dec 7, 10:30 AM – Guided tour of Luray Caverns with Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Doug Mose, $26/person
  4. Jan 12, 10:30-noon — Guided tour of National Cryptological Museum (on NSA grounds), followed by lunch at the Rams Head Tavern
  5. Feb 8, 10:30 AM — Guided tour of Mason’s Rooftop Greenhouse (Exploratory Hall), by Monica Marcelli, Greenhouse manager
  6. March 15, 1030 AM — TBA
  7. April 12, 10:30 — Talk by Marion Deshmukh, Robert T. Hawkes Emeritus Professor of History, talk on German Art and Politics, based on her recent book.
  8. May 10,1030 AM– Talk by Evans Mandes, Professor of Psychology Emeritus, talk on Interpreting Visual Art, based on his recent book

III.  Website (Bob E. and Janice S)

  • Action: Bob will introduce Jim Sanford to “back-end” of website so Jim is able to make changes and to send notices to members including a “welcome message” to all new

 IV.Membership (Bob)

  • Member updates to database: Bob received updates on May retirees from Veronique/HR and updated the retiree database that is a part of our website.
  • Number of Faculty Retirements (Veronique via email)
    • Faculty Retirements:
      • 2011: 26
      • 2012: 29
      • 2013: 41
      • 2014: 53
      • 2015: 45
    • Mason classified staff retirees:

Action: Jim Sanford will contact Veronique regarding the interest of Mason classified staff in the RFA.

          Other Notes from Mason’s spring 2016 retirement seminar:

  • Lori Roth, HR Director of Training & OD, shared info with Janice about an ACE Working Group on Forming Retiree Associations and provided a contact for follow up.
  • Dave Ryan, Outreach Chair, OLLI requested RFA contact him, phone —x3-3384; dryan6
  • Fall Retirement seminar

Action: Jim will contact Veronique regarding the date for the November seminar.

  • Business Card/Brochure for RFA
    • Idea of a business card or brochure for the RFA was discussed and tabled. Would allow for a modality beyond virtual/online info.  May help members and HR staff to recommend checking out the website.
  • Executive Committee contact info
    • Action: Janice will update and distribute at next mtg or by email.

V.   2016-17 Executive Committee Meetings

  • Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 10:00 AM, location: 4102 Merten Hall.
  • 10 before or after Tom Davis TBD

 VI.  Adjournment: About 1:40 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Janice Sutera Wolfe, Ph.D.

2012 Retiree