April 12, 2017 – Officers Meeting

George Mason University

Minutes of the Retired Faculty Association – Officers Meeting

April 12, 2017, 12:17 PM – 1:25 PM mtg.

Merton Hall 1402

Present:  Jack Censer, Bob Ehrlich, Joan Isenberg, Joe Lieb, Jim Sanford, Janice Sutera Wolfe, Veronique Klimonda

  1. The meeting began at 12:17 PM after the RFA presentation by Marion Deshmukh. Jim Sanford presided. Minutes of March 22, 2017 were approved.
  2. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, OLLI (Jennifer Disano)

Jennifer shared basic facts about OLLI including: Approximately 500 programs per year, 1200 OLLI members, 3 campuses (Loudoun, Reston, Mason).  Program offerings vary throughout the 26-week term (8-week courses, 4-week courses, trips, socials, clubs).  20% of instructors are from Mason faculty, 30% regional experts, 50% OLLI members.  Attrition of about 25% of members annually.  Members pay an annual fee at Mason vs. a base fee + a fee per class.  OLLI functions with a Board of Directors, 7 core staff members, and 100 member volunteers.  120 OLLI operations across the country.  Arlington has a lifelong learning program, ENCORE.

  • Discussion centered on: possible collaborative programming, e.g., joint single events; partnering on advertising programming, e.g., PR on faculty teaching in OLLI; one-time reduced fee for RFA members who join OLLI (Current full annual/4-term membership is $425; introductory membership for one of four terms is $150 currently.).
  • Action: Jim Sanford will follow up with Jennifer.

 3. Membership and Organization:

     A. Elections (Jim Sanford)

  • Nominees were discussed for VP, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  • ACTION: Drafts of the following emails will be sent to officers for review.
  1. email to be sent in March/April 2017 to entire RFA database to encourage retirees to register as “active” voting members.
  2. April email requesting nominees beyond those identified.
  3. May “request to vote” to be sent to all registered/active members.

4. Programming and Interest Group Discussion

A. African American Museum tickets may be a possibility for the 2017-18 program line-up. Jack Censer will connect with Jane Censer and let us know more at a future meeting.

B. “Fall for the Book” always includes interesting offerings. RFA might draw attention to offerings.

C.  Two RFA members (Miriam Raskin & Joan Isenberg) are trying to start a film and conversation group to explore a variety of films. They will hold an organizational meeting on Monday May 1st in Planetary Hall (formerly S&T 1) in Room 242 at 10:30AM.Please email one of them if you are interested in joining this group and if you will be able to come to the meeting They’ll have cookies available so feel free to bring a cup of coffee along with you.  Joan Isenberg, jisenber and Miriam Raskin mraskin.

5.  Programming/Events (Bob Ehrlich)

  A. Upcoming Event:

  1. May 10, 10:30 AM– JC Room E — Talk by Don Boileau, Professor of Communication, on Effective Communication and Dealing with Difficult People

  B. Fall 2016 Event attendance:

  1. Max Liebermann: Modern Art and Modern Germany. Talk by Marion Deshmukh, Robert T. Hawkes Emeritus Professor of History, based on her recent book. April 12, 2017. Attended: 13
  2. Aging in Place: Do not blame the house. Talk by Patrice Winter, Assistant Professor, Global and Community Health. March 22, 2017. Attended: 14
  3. National Cryptologic Museum. January 12, 2017. Attended: 18
  4. Luray Caverns tour and talk by Doug Mose, Dec. 14, 2016. Attended: 7.
  5. Talk by Tom Davis, current BOV Rector, former Congressman, former Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. His ‘take’ on the 2016 election results. Nov 10, 10:30 AM, JC rm C. Attended: 29.
  6. Pohick Bay Regional Park Guided boat tour of the river ecology with Chris Jones. Oct 12, 10:30 AM.  Attended: 5 + 7 = 12
  7. Tour of Gunston Hall – with docent and Mason retiree, Libby Hall. Sept 14, 2016. Attended = 16 for tour and box lunch.

6. 2016-17 Executive Committee Meetings

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 10, 12:30 PM, JC room E, immediately following Don Boileau’s talk.

7. Thank you!

Thanks to Joe Lieb and Don Boileau for their service to RFA!

8. Adjournment: About 1:25 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Janice Sutera Wolfe, Ph.D.

2012 Retiree