October 2, 2014 – Founding Members Luncheon

Retired Faculty Association
Founding Members Luncheon– October 2, 2014
Convened group about 12:30 pm at “Cooking & Company” 10579 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax, VA
Attendees: Don Boileau, Lou Buffardi, Bob Ehrlich, Esther Elstun,  Janice Sutera
  1. Follow up on National organization membership paid for by HR (Kathy)  —We have not been able to identify funds available from HR for the AROHE membership. Budgets have only gotten tighter recently.
  2.  HR website update on section for retirement (Kathy) — The new retirement webpage on the HR website has not yet been launched. It is in the last stages of completion and it does have a link to the Retired Faculty Association. Currently, on the existing Retirement Connections webpage, there is a link to the Retired Faculty Association website. When the new retirement webpage is launched, she believes it will be much easier to find everything.
  3. Funding (Bob) — Agreement to continue collecting support funds at events to centrally support the organization, events, etc.
  4. Future meeting with Dr. Wu (Bob) – Bob will follow up to tie down a date for Dr. Wu to present the during a Saturday brunch sometime before spring break 2015.  Bob will request that the Provost’s office reserve a room for the event.  Once the date has been identified, Don Boileau will follow up with Julie M.’s Faculty Arts Board contact regarding their catering, etc. 
  5. Additional discussion regarding the book club and books recently read.