This page and the others under the “Activities” menu will be filled in once the organization develops a core group of people interested in this activity.  In furtherance of this end please be sure to visit the “Members” page, which will require that you log-in, and identify all the particular activities that you have an interest in.  Also be sure to create a profile for yourself, or else link to a web site if you have one.  Based on a survey, Mason retirees have varying degrees of interest in a wide range of activities, as follows:

HIGHEST interest:  academic events/ lectures, workshops on topics (such as medicare, travel, new technologies, and health and wellness), performing arts on campus

HIGH interest:  special interest groups, retiree reunions, informal lunches, retiree reunions, reception with President Cabrera, meetings to discuss research & scholarship

SOME interest: holiday parties, tours of facilities

LITTLE interest: commencement, award ceremonies, alumni weekends, Homecoming

But, again  remember to visit the members page so you can indicate your interests!