Welcome to the Retired Faculty Association:

— Your Mason connection to colleagues, community, cultural activities, news and information. —

The Retired Faculty Association offers  a way to stay in touch with colleagues and the University.   All retired instructional, research and administrative faculty, and those nearing retirement are invited to become members.  Spouses and partners of retired faculty, widows, widowers or partners of deceased members are invited to become Associate Members. No dues are required, but donations are appreciated to help support RFA activities– see Contribute  link.

How to activate Your Membership:  The “members area” link under “members,” will allow you to activate your membership, see information about other members, and find groups of members who have some of the same interests as you.  Starting a new interest group (e.g., a walking group) is easy and is described in detail under “activities” — “interest groups.”  Currently the two existing interest groups are a book club and a film club, each of which meets monthly in people’s homes.

Activities:  The RFA also sponsors a wide range of events intended for all members,  For a list of past and future events sponsored by the Retired Faculty Association see: “Activities –> Featured events.”    Ideas for future events or new interest groups are always welcome.  Please send suggestions to Program Chair, Bob Ehrlich, rehrlich@gmu.edu

Volunteer Opportunities: To find many many opportunities to volunteer on campus see “Contribute –> Volunteer.”

Various benefits to faculty retirees: Benefits –> Other

Minutes of Retired Faculty Association: Take a look at our progress since we began in 2014 by viewing the Association minutes.

The Mason Club:  The Mason Club is a faculty and staff dining room and lounge in the Pilot House on the Fairfax campusDues are $25 per semester.  It is of course open to retired faculty.

Research Assistance: Interested in selecting an undergrad student to assist you with your research? Consider Mason’s “OSCAR” program






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