All faculty retirees and those nearing retirement are considered members by default, but they will be listed on the Members area  page and considered “active” members only after they log in using their Mason email.

  • Note that after you log in your email address and (optional) phone number will not be visible to the public, but only to other members who have logged in.
  • If you know of anyone who is not listed and you believe they may wish to be listed including faculty approaching retirement, please encourage them to do so.
  • After logging in if you select “view detail” next to your name, you can edit the information at any time.
  • Selecting “view detail” for anyone else will give you an idea of what others have said about themselves.

In order to easily identify those persons interested in a particular activity, simply click on the relevant activity  which will provide you with a list of email addresses of all people interested in that activity.  It is anticipated that people interested in particular activities will get together on their own to form interest groups.  At the moment, for example, a book club (coordinator Sylvia Sanchez) has recently been formed — contact her if interested.

But, again  be sure to indicate YOUR interests on the Members area page!