Other benefits including reduced rate parking are all spelled out in detail on the HR web page the “Retirement Connection”


Faculty retirees can maintain membership in the use of recreation facilities at the standard rate charged to faculty. However, retirees with emeritus status get lifetime free access. This category of membership is included in the official list maintained by the Coordinator of Membership and Sales of Mason Recreation. To get access, the retiree should take the letter they received from the BOV granting them emeritus status to the Coordinator of Membership and Sales of Mason Recreation. This person will be found in the administrative offices of the Aquatic Center as of Fall 2019.

Question from P.B a recent retiree now living in New Mexico
I have the Advantage 65 retirement insurance plan through Anthem.  I’m trying to better understand the plans that the Commonwealth offers–and others in the insurance market.   Since the annual window for changing Medicare plans is just now opening, I’m interested in finding out how other retirees are coping with the myriad choices the market offers.
Answer from R.J.:

In terms of the question from a recent faculty retiree, the options available for Medicare coverage vary by where one lives.  The easiest way to compare alternatives by location is to use the Medicare.gov website.  As one might expect, areas with greater population density usually offer more choices.  Most states now provide some assistance to individuals considering Medicare options for their residents.  Make sure one contacts the state agency that provides this service and not a broker that will receive a commission for signing one up to a given plan.