Interest Groups


RFA members have a wide variety of interests (see the numbers in the left column on the “members area” page).   When a core group of people having a particular interest is formed it will be listed on this page.  To start a new interest group either follow the steps described in the last paragraph or contact the web master (Bob Ehrlich) at to send out a mass mailing.  The following four interest groups exist as of Fall 2018:

The RFA Book Club started in 2014 and it meets monthly at 11:30AM on the first Wednesday of each month.  Typically between 7 and 15 of us get together at a rotating host’s house and share potluck dishes and then discuss the book for that month.  We do both fiction and nonfiction, and all selections are made democratically.  New members are welcome, especially if you are able to be an occasional host.  If you wish to join the book club please contact Don Boileau — A list of books read from the beginning of the club can be found here

An RFA Film Club was formed in Sept 2017.  Members of the group meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 1:00pm at one another’s homes to discuss that month’s film after watching it on their own, and the host for that month prepares light snacks.  As with the book club all film selections are made democratically. Films discussed  thus far since the start of the club can be found here.  New members are welcome, especially if you are able to be an occasional host.  If you wish to join the film club or to receive regular notices please contact Joan Isenberg —

An RFA Travel Club.  The most popular activity aside from lectures is travel, based on the expressed interests of those who registered on the RFA web site   A travel club has been formed in Fall 2018 based on several members interest in seeking travel companions.  Members of the club might plan trips or talk about trips they have already taken or are planning.  The club might hold monthly meetings, which may involve socializing and possibly a presentation.  Both couples and singles are encouraged to join.  This travel club would be a good fit for those who are looking for inspiration, new friends, new possible destinations, or travel companions.  The travel could include everything from local day or weekend trips to traveling overseas, depending on member’s interests.  If you wish to join the travel club or to receive regular notices please contact Jim Gentle —

An RFA Climate Change Group.  This group. for those concerned about the problem of climate change, plans to hold educational meetings/events.  Its primary focus is on science, technology, policy, personal responsibility, and collective efforts, including possible political engagement at the local, state and national levels.  In the personal responsibility arena, for example, the group may discuss options to lower our carbon footprints, including possibly changing our diets, solarizing our homes, or buying an electric or hybrid car.  Since the group is new you can help shape its direction by joining it — contact David Kuebrich at: to get on the mailing list.

An RFA Luncheon Group. This group will meet at various restaurants for lunch at a frequency to be determined by the group.  The coordinator is Rita Rowand (  There may be some sort of program associated with some of the luncheons.

An RFA walking group. No such group exists, however, there is a campus walking event every Wednesday.   It’s always great to take a break and join your colleagues for a walk. A 30-minute campus walk is held each Wednesday at 12 p.m. in Arlington, Fairfax, and at the Science and Technology Campus.  Here’s the link:

 Creating a new interest group takes a bit of initiative on the part of someone with that interest.  Here is how it works.  In order to identify everyone interested in say a “hiking group” for example you just follow these steps:  Log in at the members area page, then select “view all members”, then change the entry “all activities” to “walking group,” and you will see the names & emails of everyone interested in being part of such a group.  You could then select “copy emails” & simply copy & paste the people listed in the box into an email in which you could ask  them when would be a good time to get together to go for a hike.