Jan. 2, 2014 Officers Meeting

George Mason University

Minutes of the Retired Faculty Association – Officers/Chairs Meeting

January 2, 2014, 10:05 a.m. – 11:55 a.m.     University Hall, room 4102

Present: Bob Ehrlich, Katherine Haldeman, Julianne Mahler, Jane Razeghi, Janice Sutera, Terry Myers Zawacki


       I.            The meeting began at 10:05 am.

    II.            Approval of the Minutes from December 11, 2013 meeting – Approved by e-mail prior to meeting.

 III.            Purpose of Meeting:  Exploration of officer’s roles, short and long-term plans and goal setting for 2014

Agenda topics brainstormed and addressed.  Discussion facilitated & comments recorded on white board.

  1. A.     Clarifying Roles and Expectations of Officers – currently
  • President/Immediate Past President –
    • Nominations
    • Website set up and content facilitation for the first 6 months until webmaster identified
    • Liaison with HR for broadcast e-mails to retirees
    • General business of organization – Point of contact (POC), setting meetings, signing checks, etc.
    • VP  –
      • Special projects that contribute to value of the association, e.g., exploration of Mason RFA account with Mason Foundation, tutoring opportunities, scholarships.
      • Exploring alternatives to current bylaws regarding transition plan for assumption of Presidency.
    • Treasurer 
      • Collect and distribute funds,
      • liaison with Mason Foundation,
      • budget planning and updates
    • Secretary –
      • timely and brief minutes of organizational meetings posted to website;
      • back up point of contact (POC) for website content
    • University Liaison
      • Link to University retiree database (n~ 330)
      • Link to university-sponsored retirement seminars, events, activities, pre-retirement coaching
      • Link to HR for admin space – requested MWF 1-5 pm office space, monthly meeting space, file space, storage space for program supplies
    • Committee Chairs – identify and communicate highlights; collection and use of funds?
      • Program Chair –
        • Identify and plan programs in 6 month increments
        • Share highlights/photos of key programs,
        • Manage supplies needed for programs with support of University Liaison,
        • Program fee collection or delegation of such responsibility?
  1. B.     Short Term Plans – financial and communication
  • Explore and Assess Membership options further (inclusive, exclusive; programming implications; communication strategies; database management; dues, donations, etc.)
  1. Arrange for Christine Clark-Talley, Associate Vice President, Mason’s Office of Alumni Relations, to attend an officer’s or founding members meeting regarding the strategies Alumni Relations uses for membership, programming, communication, funding, etc.
  2. Jane R. will contact “Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education” http://arohe.org to gather the info on topics mentioned particularly financial.
  3. Explore further the Mason faculty’s Arts support group(s) and it’s donations, programming, functioning?
  •    Charge for featured program offerings to cover costs of event (materials, rentals, food)
  • Communication with Mason retirees:
  1. Provide minutes from all meetings (officers, founding members, general membership)  on the website in a timely fashion
  2. Send invitations to featured events to HR retiree database (about 330 faculty – includes only those retired since 2002).  Consider how to track and remove folks from e-mailing list if requested.
  1. C.     Long-term Plans and 2014 Objectives
  • Explore and assess value-added propositions for members to donate time, talent, treasure to the association/to Mason
  1. Website – develop and maintain a site that provides 24/7 virtual access to information and resources for Mason retired faculty based on retiree survey and Founder’s input.
  • Objectives for identify webmaster in the next 6 months, continue to update content, give Secretary access to alter website content,
  • Assess website usage and ease of use after one year?
  1. Scholarships or Research support – explore and propose purposes and processes for awarding scholarships to students; funding research, e.g., retiree topics
  2. Volunteering at Mason
  1. On-going learning/intellectual stimulation through courses at Mason
  • Examine viability of alternatives to current: a) schedule of classes to allow for easier and more creative searching/identification of courses, b) application processes/academic records submission, c) course prerequisites
  1. On-going learning through programs and events.  Four types proposed:
  • Interest groups – book club, garden, investment, health, etc.
  • Monthly “Featured” events planned and promoted in 6 month increments
    • Feb (nano-technology), March – ?, April (observatory viewing), May (hike Great Falls with a geologist)
    • Other topics suggested: sustainable gardening, Peter Stearns, nutrition/cooking
    • Clearinghouse for Mason-sponsored colloquia opportunities
    • Links to local events and organizations, e.g., Folger, OLLI
  1. Retirement Transitions – contribute talent, advice to Mason-sponsored retirement events/programs
  2. Awards/Recognition given by the Association – ?

  IV.            Next Meeting Date for officers and founding members:

Please arrive before 11:00 a.m. to order and pay for your food before the meeting begins.  Thanks!

February 4, 2014, 11 am – 1 pm, Johnson Center, 2nd floor in lounge near elevators. 

     V.            Adjournment:  11:55 p.m.