Febr. 23, 2014 – Inaugural Brunch and Program

George Mason University

Retired Faculty Association – General Meeting

February 23, 2014, noon – 1:00 p.m., Brion’s Grill, Fairfax, VA

Present: 35 brunch registrants

Guest: Andrew Carle, presenter and his wife

I.            The brunch meet/greet began at 11:00 AM and the presentation started about noon.

II.            Presentation- Nana Technology: Improving the Quality of Life for Seniors. Dr. Andrew Carle, Mason Health and Human Services introduced by Bob Ehrlich.  Slides of the presentation are available at:  https://rfa.gmu.edu/?p=563

III.            Retired Faculty Association and website overview (Bob Ehrlich)

  • Introduction of officers and founding members
  • Overview of upcoming events
  • Review of current interest groups.
  • Logging in to activate membership
  • Review of menu items
  • Suggestions:
    • Link to Mason News
    • Adding one or more of the following to interest groups: fishing, boating, paddling 

IV.            Comment Form – Highlights will be added after the March 6 meeting (Jane Razeghi)

V.            Next Meeting Date for officers:

March 6, 2014, 10 AM – noon, room 4102 in University Hall

VI.            Event ended:  1:00 PM