January 25, 2018 – Executive Committee

George Mason University

Minutes of the Retired Faculty Association – Executive Committee

January 25, 2018, 10:10 AM – 11:10 AM mtg.

Human Resources, Merten Hall


Members Present:  Jack Censer, Bob Ehrlich, Joan Isenberg, Jim Sanford (Presiding), Janice Sutera Wolfe, Veronique Klimonda

  1. The meeting commenced at 10:10 AM
  2. Minutes of Nov. 8, 2017 were approved after one correction.
  3. Elections (Bob Ehrlich)
  • VP position is open. Possible nominees were mentioned and will be approached.
  • Jack C. will assume Presidency next year.
  1. Film Club (Joan Isenberg) January 2018 discussed Rana’s Wedding. Attendance: 6
  2. Mason Club and OLLI. (Bob Ehrlich) Take a FREEOLLI lecture (75 minutes) and enjoy an $11 breakfast: See: https://rfa.gmu.edu/olli_course/   Action: Will share info with RFA members again directly through email before Part 1 starts.
  3. Programming/Events (Bob Ehrlich). Holocaust Museum tour planned for Feb. 6 will need to be postponed until next year.  Discussed possible substitute program/lecture.  Jack Censer will contact Lois Horton or Spencer Crew as possible lecturers for February.  Discussed other ways of contacting Danica Roem for future programming.

Fall 2017 Event attendance:

  • Thurs, Jan 11, 12 PM, Tour of the National Firearms Museum. Meet at noon for lunch in NRA cafeteria followed by museum tour at 1 PM, 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax.  Attended: 16
  • Mon Dec 11, 5 PM, 163 Research Hall, Talk by Dr. Mike Summers on Life in the Universe, followed by a night sky viewing session in the observatory from about 5:40 to 6:40 PM. Attended: 15
    • Wed, Nov 8, 11AM, Rm A, Johnson Center, Talk by Dave Hall, AARP, on the Senior Driver- Drive Safer, Longer. Attended: 5
  • Tues, Oct 10, 1030AM. Walk along C & O canal & lunch at Old Angler’s Inn. Attended: 1
  • Sat, Sept 16, 10AM. Dr. Tom Wood, Visit to Environmental Studies on the Piedmont, Warrenton, Virginia. Attended: 5
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Joan Isenberg). $562.87 with no activity 2017-2018 academic year.
  2. Next Meeting: March 7 at 2:30 PM in Planetary Hall.
  3. Meeting ended 11:10 AM

Respectfully submitted, Janice Sutera Wolfe, Ph.D., 2012 Retiree